March 2013

how to get frame grabs. groms take note

Darren Vinson Crawford Showreel

this dude does a lot of surf video, industry advertisment work. lover of dance music, bodysurfing and dancing
havent heard much of him lately but here is his show reel
from the slow mo im guessing this was shot a majority on 16mm film

How to get framies

1. be a surfing/bodyboarding/frothing grom

2. harass me for framies on facebook

3. have a few too many beers on a saturday night

4. stand around my car at 1230AM and make some noise making me think my car is getting broken into while im in bed

5. send me facebook messages, ring my house phone and mobile

6. your name is jack moane, jayke gill, jay schmizter, camo mclaurin and kaleb mc laurin and you are waking my whole family up

here they are you frothers