February 2012


“I’m convinced there’s more ramps out Eddys than nuggen. The End”
See Below

come on mooty

South North Caltex Caffiend System

pence in the zone

matty mc putting his new quiver to the test

matty mc in a thick juan

pence behind the curtain

matty mc revving out

Eddie Rothman just plain crazy

the off the wall speshal: iso 100, 1/1000 5.6. aaron rich i havent seen or head of this guy in years

kiss me through the phone

e cobb going the high road

glee glare galah. this one served me a spank

barto bazos

bossyi tube timing

bossyi back at it

bossyi stall to the wall. he didnt stack this

bossyi lining up

lilly pre hawaii pit

martin daniels is one of the best rides ive seen in ages



Mostly shot around the Illawarra Region, in and out of the water on a harvery norman handycam

riders: glen thurston, eli beach, troy langendon, ellis nicol, mat warne, todd mc rorie, matt smith, chad, dean parton and doug smith

thanks: Todd McRorie, Ryan Gott for his daily douth (down south) missions at high speeds, Mat Warne, Flipmode Clothing, Toys Bodyboards, Wollongong Bodyboarders, Zion Wetsuits, IAMNONE, StokeMachine

song: Desire – Under Your Spell – Drive Soundtrack

hardware: nickh.com.au/movie/?page_id=15

software: Adobe Premiere CS5 Mac

filmed: nickh.com.au

editied: nickh.com.au

nickH.com.au RATZY IS BACK!


Daniel Razzino aka Ratty aka Ratzy has been long overdue for an updated clip. Touted as the next big thing in warilla bodyboarding since sticksy he had strong support from sponsors URSURFPIC and participated in the now defunct SCBC Bodyboard Club where we got many titles. After retiring from the bodyboard scene for a few years, he has returned. hitting the gym hard with mesomorph and jack3d as his sidekicks and starting his new trade his passion for the boog has returned.

songs: ICQ Sound, law and order doink! doink! and Las Ketchup – The Ketchup Song

hardware: nickh.com.au/movie/?page_id=15

software: Adobe Premiere CS5 Mac

filmed: http://www.nickh.com.au

editied: http://www.nickh.com.au