January 2012

peddle to the metal

cheers to stokemachine for this one. orginally on t hams facebook. has anyone seen laird? on an SUP looking for atlantis?

prank call from fake sully to pro photog Ray Collins

the shock monkey is at it again. “show me how your mother made you ESSAY”

the man himself glen sullivan testing his life skills out with some bommie action
you can here matt warne on the f words and myself with a chuckle

"juan foot, south winds, south swell, potential right bowlz, im out there like fry on rice" The Jackel

jase cupcake mccarthy boosting on a crowded day. shot on a video camera, jase demanded a print which we got from domayne 1/2 an hour later

cupcake at it again digging rail from here to ying yang

or yeah over deh

fact or fiction?

while its been a quite 2 x weeks on the blog. the work behind the scenes has been crazy for my movie Recollection. Clocking up over 15 minutes of footage for the bonus section and 5 minutes for the main movie. Its a real pain in the arse to choose which footage i should use

check out wildman rubino going bananas after 2 light beers on boxing day

the fake glen sully giving pro photog steve wall some heads up on some upcoming island swells