December 2011

gewd tymes yall

Below are some frames of my upcoming 2011 Showreel. Its basically showing some of the waves that I have been to over the last year. Hopefully I will get to include some Super 8 footage depending on the time to process the film and the price of AA batteries

Thomas “Advanced for his age” Robinson getting some action inbetween the pro circus
Todd “Eshay or Bieber” McRorie in his daily clothes filming for his upcoming TODDCAST or LEFTREVOFFTHELIPCAST
Showing Paku’s Left how to roll
Dean Parton up the top of what he calls a corn chip. lucky he is not at the bottom. Pass the salsa

Fark this video does not get old. Putting waves like Thirroulwatu or land of the long left to shame. The audio is from the endless summer incase you groms have not seen that movie

Check this vid out. the head honcho of unite clothing Joel Taylor in his hey day. His booging career cut short due to attempting a roll at pipe and breaking his back. The guy was doing 720 or very close too doing them when this all happened


an on off week of waves has seen the worst sessions going down as one of the best. below are the frame grabs. famed locals even ignored the joint due to the in flux of crowds. the ones that remained got the gold and a case of sunburn that would last all week

with the session above going down ivan pulic managed one of the biggest flips ive seen out the joint go down. check out his latest video of him landing pretty much everything and boosting to the moon in the process


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Pepsi Max Murda!