October 2011


hey GT here is your professionally edited pic. ive only used a touch of saturation

macca lipped and chippy got hit

saw dis slab on facey and obviously im claiming it as my own HAHA

the below vid is of mat warne, been working on this for a week or so. its getting some hits so check it out

man you talk s**t

haha got this through the blog comments “man u talk shit bronco”
judging by the overall tone and grammar used i can only suspect my brother rooie jewie

liam tomkins on juan of the better waves at inside gallows

daniel thompson aka DTs little resume. the intro is shot by mitch pohl and some dodgy nuggan footage from myself. the kid rips sew sponsor him AY?

cha chis bowl just setting up

in case you havent seen elliot morales. you should. this canarian shreds hands down. came to australia and stayed with james kates. seen him get a few in some testing aka sh#t conditions. watch this vid

connor aka wiz scard just flipping out massively. his legs are perfectly pretty much the whole time in the footage

the past week has seen the Rebel Sport Nationals and Pro Comps at Kiama Wedge. while the waves were alright during the week to downright stinking in the end, it was still fun to attend some days in between work and see the bodyboard comp froth fest at its peak. Terry McKenna, BBNSW and IBA Australia put on a good time for everyone
check out more info, results, images and videoshttp://www.facebook.com/ibaaustralasia