September 2011

light and tight

here is some stills from a day at aussie pipe with dean parton and 3 other guys out for a majority of the session
the next day me do down with another group and were totes skunked with about solid 1ft bombs

here is another clip from old mate bosley mc gee with bits of my footage chucked in there
“Who would name thier kid Bosley?” – Anonymous
the kid from coffs and living in the holden combo for a period around the south coast

below is my new business card logo

finally some waves have started to come back. the weather though a bit crazy. north beach saw some crazy rips with only about 2ft of swell taking people nearly
20 min just to get out the back. Jason Mc claiming barrell of the session but no one was watching haha

rip eddie

RIP Eddie Solomon
All round KOTZ, charger, buzz on commander and bodyboarding veteran
visit his site, buy some shirts, support  his legacy

below is a video from option video magazine. i day in the life of

a few leftovers from a late arvo sesh last week