August 2011

barrell faulty

hikes and  the ultimate neg out to even get to this juan

outside gallows

hartchers left

big bum

been a bit of a busy last week getting invovled in some waves and editing. here is a short clip below

a camera I bought in 2007
lent to mat warne in 2009
given back to me in 2011
here is a tape that is stuck in there

people in this clip: ethan,dean,shane,gez,mat, todd, james mc, bossyi, CJ and others

edited by
queens of the stoneage – you thin it aint worth a dollar
the club cant handle me indian youtube

this other vid is shot by killcare kat Sam Powyer

new career? this guy is now a big mac technician. from start to finish this guy can rack,stack and wrap your favourite burger