July 2011

DK fwends

here are some framez from a dk session that moved from the superbank to the point. the guys involved are: Jeff Wink, Matt Bossyi, Ross A, Jason McCarthy and Phill McCarthy
I rocked up late due to a banging hangover bought on by a schooner raffle win the previous night

yeah ross!

matt bossyi maggot

the bank

bossyi large lefts

jase attack

jase and ross run around

bank at it

although this it looks like a good setup. the next part doesnt do it justice haha

ross ducking

carve baby carve

the matt bossyi show

ross a point grinder

next stop banksia

cuttn grass on your arse

the shituation

after a big night at the pub, even though i knew the waves were decent we went down to kiama bombie just after lunch. todd mc and shane ackerman had already surfed and been beaten. it was glen sullivans turn with chris bryan on the phantom camera which shoots at 1000fps. here are my framies and more details are @ http://www.glensullivan.com/

sully is in there

death con juan

sully pending doom

sully starring in death proof

b+w inside bombskinz

spray and pray or pit and spit