February 2011

hey hey krew

a big day in and out of the water. not shooting this angle again obviously so lazy after 3 hours of pits and turns

legs 11 aka matt yawn aka mooty kotzen

the krew giving a genUwine shout out to ELAD

larry lineups. at the end of the day it was invasion of surfers for smaller inconsistent waves

the krew with mooty waren kotzing up a storm

here is danos. here has hard last few weeks. took him to his local for a surf. says it was crap. he borrowed the camera for a bit

curt ross clearing the line up to flip out

you think i was pulling your leg if toddXmac wasnt in this blog. right?

poor mans bunting. ethan reed holding it down

the not ink'd up m@cc@

more frames here


heeeeee how?

bunch of crooks repping oaks,rilla,mads,barrack heights,point,harbour,england

in between shooting frames martin gives us a insight into the characters that fill the line up
filmed by http://www.nickh.com.au


rillaPAK. worldwide, wide, wide, wide

ethan trying out to be the frontman for bodyboarding YEW! episode 2

what it do?