September 2010

blowing it

lily pollard called me about a couple of times to come film her. with too much hit and miss with the waves slash lily gettingĀ  out of bed. below is the session she missed. lily has picked up ZION Wetsuits as a sponsor as well to add to her growing list of backers

in da air up dare

LOL - land of lefts

a couple O rights as well

ben jazzing the glasson

most tweaked vert ever

chris jhames off the back at nuggs

tight right jono

that crumpet guy

a few people have asked me about the abbreviations i use or swore at me for using them. so here are the meanings for some

OLAM – Oh Look at Me!
MBN – Must Be Nice
DUCY – Do you see why

They have been adpoted from the Illawarra Bodyboard/Manishment Scene King that is James aka Dicko Dixon
see his blog here


here are a couple of framies from the weekend. local surfers were not existant most of the day which left it overpopulated with lids including myself. adam wright was kind enough to give me a wave that nearly broke my hand haha
standouts include tommy, camo, reon, stibb, ellis, matt west and matt smith

king of the rock 2010 OLAM

"catching anything MOITE?"

chingy LOW ballin

reon aka mr T stepping it up

this thing went forever. matty even made me show him the wave straight after

rudest man alive c paku


tommy yew. ripping all day

there is a fine line between a wall and a closeOUT - this is the first one with ellis

hey camo. this doesnt do U justice

stibbard yew!

MBN tommy

guess what happens?

hey zues walks! ellis on a sick one

earlier in the week ratty phoned me to do some filming for tarp surfing with him and bayden

lake tarp pipe from nick hartcher on Vimeo.

here are some other vids that have caught my attention this week

pierre is insane, how is that backflip in that comp


never heard of this guy. but this vid is A+++

matt gilligan from marc ashdown on Vimeo.