August 2010


here are some framez on matt bossyi at aussie pipe. recently he competed in his first DK sessions comp and turned 18. yew!. his only downfall is he smells like BBQ sauce

going right something something

right pipe baz

left spray dayz

ah yeah dats better

while checking out some sites i stumbled across
this little gem
some of these songs are featured in bodyboard videos and DVD as well. i have contacted fluidzone and hope they will run a similar piece

Queens of the Stone Age – You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire

Metallica – Frantic

ganggajana – give me some lovin

iggy and the stooges – search and destroy

Ennino Morricone – The good the bad and the ugly theme song

check out this mad rap vs rock mix
ice cube vs tool


ok so the king of the rock 20k10 went down on saturday. there was initally a bit of biatching that went down with the comp not being run on certain days. but the comp eventuated in some clean 1-3ft conditions in the morning. the only downside being it went onshore late in the morning. highlights was adam bossyi getting through his heats and leading his 3rd round heat for more than 1/2 way through. adam has been hiding in the snow lately but it was good to see him ripping in the water again.

the man on man final came down the past winners of king of the rock which was Matt “Hack Attack” Smith and Chris “King of the Rock” Homer. the eventual winner being Chris who was very content with his win and to be able to compete over the age of 40. below are some frames

chris home 20k10 king of the rock

all the winners and grinners

matt smith trying to make the most of the conditions

chris homer. yet another king of the rock title

here is jack moane on the rough end of being a competitor at his local break. better stick to mads ay moana

how to lose $60 in 20 minutes with jack moane from nick hartcher on Vimeo.