July 2010


here are some framies of some wave we enjoi

BOC. no not been out cowries or break of contract fee. this is blue oyster
cult. made famous by thier own music, will ferrell on SNL and a couple of bodyboard movies in no friends and leroy by the waldron brothers. check out the clips below

there is a lot of haters in my circle of friends when it comes to my choice
of movies. for those that are a fan of shit movies, this is not one. this
is the sasquatch dumpling gang. very similar to napoleon dynamite

who is fitzy?

here is the pics from today¬†for those who worked or were surfing other breaks or that were sent it. i shot phots with a shitty lens for about 10 min and video for about an hour and a half. celebrity appearances from james ‘koots’ cayley, rusty moran, mitch tomkins, dave adams, adam wright, james mc rorie and martin harlow


here is some footage of mads hardkor3 k1nG macca serving it up

XJamesMcRorieX dishing out some advice from nick hartcher on Vimeo.