February 2010


the day cowries was good

here are some frames from a couple of day ago. only a couple of people were lucky enough to be on this day early including Joel ‘s Mate’ Stibbard

these are 3 waves in a row on footage

groundsmog day

cover kings

below are some images of big dave and ellis nicol
word on the street is big dave took a third mortgage to get the front page of
the illawarra mockery
big dave is also the only peson i have told to get fucked in the surf

the dan ardron chronicles

long before steve irwin was getting done by stingrays dan adron was on the case getting the nasty barbs in his leg in the harbour.

also known to be trucking through some barrels at cowries.
here some words from dan you have never heard.

Last surf you had?
Describe the conditions   Cowries 20/2/10   1-3ft Nw winds on a low tide quickly backed up by fucked up Ne winds and disappearing swell

Who do you usually surf with?
who ever is out where I go…. Like to keep it solo for more waves :)

How long have you been playing bejeweled for?
1.5 years….. its got a strong hold :( haha  514 000 current top score yew

Are the chicks impressed by the scores you get?
the ones that play …. yeah…. a decent looking frother probs not phased at all aye…

Has there been a point you realized I should be doing something and kept playing? And what were you supposed to do?
yeah plenty of times…. main one being going to work haha or sleeping

Is it true you have 2 face book accounts? One normal face book account and another to publish all your Bejeweled Blitz scores
To your potential sponsors?

no thats actually not true.

Are you losing your mind from playing bejeweled?
hmmm just a little when i have many shit rounds :(

Who is the biggest celebrity doucebag besides John Edwards? John who now?  I’d say that perez hilton seems like a mad gay douche bag

What board are you riding now?
Mike Stewart MS3…. its a few years old but still killing it :) though It’s due for a replacement.

What board do you want next?
No Idea I haven’t really kept up with whats good and whats not for a couple of years now… so any suggestions are welcome :)

Who is going to be this years world champ bodyboarder?
If I was to take a stab probs Ben Player… don’t really follow that hype behind all those guys aye

If you could surf any break where would it be?
fuck I dunno aye…. I fair froth hard on cowries…  It would be epic to score that with no crowd and good conditions….

Any surf travel plans this year?
Well Id love to surf Aussie pipe as I am yet to make my way there…. usually when I get in the car I don’t make it past the wedge haha

The best bodyboarder?
Mr Mike Stewart… Always got a soft spot for his tube riding but for airs can’t go past Hubb….

Best local grom?
He’s not really a grom these days but I rate Mr Stibbard’s riding abilitys….