January 2010

friends of the point

“i am going to bring some more film in to get developed” – me
“is that a threat?” – lady from madsens.com.au

most of the blog viewers are friends of the point. while browsing through the internet for videos, pics and stories of waves which i like to do i came across the destinations section in the RIPTIDE FORUM for Scotland which had waves similiar to the mads and mini pipe. anyway see below for more details
and the website http://videosurfguide.com/


two of these rumours are true:

1. i once stepped in a fully emerged human poo at mads squashing it through my toes like vegemite on a rivita cracker.

2. i was sleeping in my bed one night. naked. my small mini foxy was in my bed and did wet shit some of it landing on my leg

I know i haven’t posted in a while what with work, christmas, awesome waves and a road trip to byron bay in between. currently I am working 10 days in a row to go to Cook Islands, Indo and Hawaii

One of my you tube videos has hit over 75,000 views and may make a tiny bit of cash :)

here are some vids floating around the joint

Modern Collective – The First Visions from Poor Specimen on Vimeo.