December 2009


lack of swell. much work and no rumourz

above footage is from inside lake illawarra and little lake
locals only has been the call with ratty patrolling lake illawarra and blake getting dealt the grommet card and sent to as far back as the sewerage works to check for blowins

below is some love for the tube. parental guidance advised


another weekend of hitting the piss and minimal waves. friday night
started a the golf club with cowries crew and southbridge guys for an end of year
drink minus all the grommets.
the night ended up with a big wig from cowries smuggling a schooner glass
out of the establishment and finishing at shellharbour pub with myself chris homer,
matt smith and paul moody. north beach dweller daniel mc aka macca getting a ban from
the pub so many cops on the street giving out $1000 on the spot fines.
some guy tried to fight me, i was too pissed to remember and would have been fighting
on the cops car bonnet. no jail time needed. eating donuts out of a box out the 7-11.
trying to fix up a bike near my house. eating big sticks of cabanossi then bed time

spotted: cowries vetran bodyboard tim steele knocking back some rums at the pub

spotted: the same guy who tried to fight me and couldnt remember at the 7-1

ratty’s sat night included walking home from yellowrock (back of albion park) to the bright lights of warilla
ratty other quote was “im back too you ll see me in the surf all the time”
and “word up im taking mads back”

ordered some zion wetsuits pictured below. needed the large size as im a bit large
not as cut/ripped as james kates pictured below

blake taylor got a root. blake taylor is the best bodyboarder in the illawarra
one of these statments is true. you guess which one?

the below vid is somewhere is port mac. they basically copied mystics and NASA

the below vid is amazing before i was riding a booger this vid was the bomb
i regret selling my dvd version watching this youtube clip