November 2009


well being back at work has its bonuses. such as my sleeping on a pile of $50 notes every note. the downside is i have to be somewhere at a certain time and cannot surf. i missed the morning session of mads due to work but got a couple of waves in the arvo with the rest of the population of the illawarra. battery on my vid cam was still charging and the framies are below

standouts of the session include todd mcrorie, matt bossyi and me drinking a beer on the rocks

big sorry to matt bossyi for dropping in on him and to ethan reed for running him over with my whole big rig, knees included

debt ski

tuesday saw me working a short and sweet shift. 2 meat pies and an afternoon nap. camo gave us a text in the arvo to say that he and his mate were gonna go for some ski action at north beach. below is the framies of southbridge rookie of the year cameron mclaurin

below is some youtube vids yew!!!