October 2009

small balls

in case you haven’t looked out your window or been down to the usual spots. the waves have been under 1ft for the last couple of days.

here is an old intro to tension 4

which leads me to my next vid where chris white has returned and is making ‘Grow Up’ with Jake Stone. Rumour has that there is a real kid when Jake does a backflip and Blake Taylor having his own section in the movie
See the preview below its pretty mad

Grow Up bodyboard preview from jake stone on Vimeo.

windy city

blake taylor has just come back from a solo mission from down the coast. rumour has it he wouldnt clean his room so he was kicked out of home and hitch hiked to nuggan. blake went to work on his resume see below

the honest response i gave blake that he is surfing %100 better than i met him 2 years ago. but delete that resume get back in the lab and work on it for 6 months

above is last friday at mads. there was no swell all week and there just seemed to be a few ones in the arvo. i think the riders are cam mclaurin and friends

The XboX kid Ethan Reed. mads shredder and dedicated to the box. known to not surf for weeks on end and return to dominate the point line ups. Ethan had his xbox taken from him and could only afford a Xbox shirt. he has to lurk and leech friends and randoms xboxes and internet connections for his Call of Duty fix. I think he is getting an xbox for christmas. only if he is a good kid