September 2009

busy days

Monday saw me with Emma roby and lily pollard trying to get some filming done down the coast

For their company milkshakes but the waves were terrible but still a fun day but not and

frame of footage shot :( . But still got some see some baby goats (soon to be very annoying) on Emma cobb’s farm.

Tuesday was the icing on the cake in terms of swell forecasts. They predicted over 6 foot but a cowrie was only about 2-3. So me, Adam Wright and Joel S still went down to cowries.

A couple of bombs went down but nothing real special to report.

After that we sat around ate some food and decided to wait for cowries

to turn on (we hoped) with the grom posse in the car park.

Got a call from the Emma and Lil to go shoot some spots down south with the possibility

of pipe turning on. The first wave we got was very fun but inconsistent and a wave I haven’t shot before

which was cool with a couple of girl grommets having a go as well. Lily defiantly got wave of that session with a sweet barrel.

After the wind turning sour we decided to pack up and head to pipe. not before my car was backed

into by one of the girl grommets (sorry girls I forgot names)

Pipe was blazing with the big wigs turning up. The waves were washing through making it difficult to swim and film the water. As well as that pink jellyfish were landing all over myself and by the end of the water filming session I have a pink jellyfish moustache and beard.

Novy, winny, bp, Toby player, the Morgan brown show, Shaun pyne and Sam Bennett were part of the pro crew.

There was also a mad contingent of surf photogs and filmers with tostie in the boat, ray Collins getting creepy in the bushes.

Along with filmers Chad Waldron and Ryan matic for his ‘fever dream the musical’ project. Ryan claimed to have got some gold on his fisheye HD rig.

Some mad waves went down with winny so close to fully landing an invert to air reverse

A video blog for September should be up in the next couple of days

hoax with the most

it seems seems the dust went to the brain
of most surf forcasters yesterday with them predicting
a 3 foot of south swell for the illawarra.
some big calls were made on myspace and facebook.

all calls were as limp as a dead cat as of this morning
i know i woke to lake placid. but some secret spots
were over 10ft like kiola boat ramp and inside sydney harbour.

check the new vid for the xbox kid ethan reed
as the description of vid is “doesnt do this kid justice, absolutley shreds”
which is very true.
ethans resume is currently being updated with old footage of him playing call of duty on xbox before his brother took it off him

Ethan Reed Bodyboarding from mat warne on Vimeo.