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RL Grime – Halloween Mixtape 2012

Back in 2012 this was the shit. Goosebumps author RL Stine, 50 Cent throwbacks and new age trap music for the young uns. It had it all. I thought I would share my highlights.

Just a little heads up, I have a short attention span so if some of my picks are in the first 20 minutes I am sorry. Some of the music is unShazaamable as well

50 Cent – Many Men
Thugli – What Happened
TNGHT – R U Ready (Storm and Troopers Remix)
Kendrick Lamar (Backseat Freestyle)
DJ Funeral – RIP Tribute

Check it out below for yourself

be be back

here are a couple of seinpop videos which have been hitting my radar lately on facebook. still some gold coming out even though the show was canned over 19 years ago

they are fucken awesome and I even hit up SeinPop Official to do a Disturbed – Down With the Sickness version but they did not get back to me so I made my own poor version which is the bottom one

Be sure to check out there stuff http://instagram.com/seinpop