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here are a couple of seinpop videos which have been hitting my radar lately on facebook. still some gold coming out even though the show was canned over 19 years ago

they are fucken awesome and I even hit up SeinPop Official to do a Disturbed – Down With the Sickness version but they did not get back to me so I made my own poor version which is the bottom one

Be sure to check out there stuff

Tahiti Bodyboarding Comp Day 3

Tahiti Bodyboarding Comp Day 3

My mate and me got up early for surf. The usual spots were not on as the wind/swell combo was being funky. We called it a day as he had to work and I knew the comp was on so the dawn viewing began

The webcast cut in and out a few times but the down time was very minimal.

The waves were slower than a west swell at Aussie pipe but it did not visibly frustrate too many people as we had a quality webcast to watch. Finally some bodyboarding to watch, plus it is chopes, it is going to be interesting no matter what size. Also on a Saturday morning as well, not in work hours where even though the year is 2016, I am still forced to check comp updates like an old school teletext gamblor peasant from the bowling club. For me that HDMI cable from the TV into my phone is heaven.

People also complain that the event organizers should call off the comp until the waves get bigger and better. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Same old story from the same old criticsing couch potatoes, who have never organized or ran a comp in their lives. Social media is then flooding with keyboard warriors who expel their hate and dismay at who ever they think is responsible outrage. No one cares. The comments are lost to a fax machine in the Sahara Desert, never to be seen again. At least the complainers are consistent across surfing and bodyboarding so we can blame humanity for this, or maybe just wingy surfers.

Does writing a blog like this make we one of them? Yep.


Not all the of the judging was crook. 99% of it was fine. I noticed that George Humphreys was scored 3.83 for a backflip, which I believe was underscored. The the judges are ultimately looking for the barrel to big move combo which seemed a little more apparent to me later in the day. A local comp would score it a lot higer

In the Mike Stewart VS Garth McGregor heat there was debate about the scoring as well. This is just my analysis and it makes it hard without viewing the waves yourself. So when they are on YouTube, check them out and make a decision for yourself.

Mike Stewart is over scored for one of his waves where he does a barrel roll, which is near a bed roll. Bedroll is bit of booging slang that refers to a barrel roll with little or no projection. I am not too sure who coined that term but I have been using it for years. Mike continued on in the heat to win by about 3.5 points over Garth before the wind/rain/twister took over chopes and the comp was over for the day


What’s the deal with ISS Stringers?

During surf comps and bodyboard comps alike the webcast ads play on your mind a fair bit, send you grey and generally make you despise whatever product is being presented. Even if the product is right for you.

This webcast was not different. ISS Stringers or removable stringers were the meat in this forgettable lunch sandwich. A couple of thoughts came to mind

Are they kidding us all?

What is the actual demographic market for this product?

Has anyone apart from a paid/wholesale team pro actually used this product?

Do the makers think groms will be beginner their parents to buy one as their only present for the year? FUCK NO!

“Will the stringers stickers be used for a post mystics surf, pre train ride sword fight” The more likely scenario

No wait. I believe no one even cares about them. Maybe someone who doesn’t even bodyboard made them. I didn’t really research this topic.

Quotable Quotes


“Rob Hudson’s dance moves were more exciting then the waves”

Manny Vargas

“He only needs less that a stick” – referring to George Humphrey’s heat where he only

“Is this going to be one of the themes for today” talking about Shane Ackerman’s claim for his barrel

“Essentially he does not have a waves” referred to Shane Ackerman’s 1 or stick again Lachlan Cramsie

Dave Hubbard

“Totally could have got a radical ride out of that one”

“The best heat wave of the heat”

“Newcastle is eeeeeeerupting right now!”

“It’s putting a little bit of texture on the waves”

I have uploaded a whole bunch of clips too so check it out

My YouTube Channel has been updated too with a few videos from APB Tour and Mike Stewart check it out